Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Ebony and ivory...

When we had that hot spell a couple of weeks ago (summer?) the thought of getting the hair dryer and straighteners out to tame my unruly mop was not a pleasant one.  'Oh, I'll just leave it curly', I thought.  'How bad can it be?'

So here's the thing with naturally curly hair.  It takes commitment.  Once you have decided that the curls are in for the day, there is an element of washing and application of product, after which, you have to wait a couple of hours to see what the end result is. I daren't take a hairdryer anywhere near my hair if I am going au naturel, as I will resemble Crystal Tips (see below)
As you can see, this is not the best of looks.  So having waited the obligatory two hours, the end result is what you are stuck with for the rest of the day.  As the time crept up to when I would have to leave for work, I stared at my hair in horror.  The bits that I could see which had previously been straightened to within an inch of their life looked like frizzy rat tails. whereas the rest of my hair, ie, the bit round the back, looked like a sheep with dreadlocks. It was also a completely different colour to the front.  I resembled Limahl from Katchagoogoo (as below)

There is an explanation to this.  When your hair is straight, you can get away with just having half a head of highlights done.  Any gentlemen reading this right now, I should explain that it is the top half, and not the left or right side.  The whole Cruella de Vil look was never one I'd like to adopt....

So yesterday I was back at the hairdressers to have a full head of highlights done.  The stylist was very tactful, and neatly laughed away my concerns of resembling a 1980's pop singer (let's face it, she didn't have a clue who I was talking about - I have fillings older than her).

So three hours later, I was a blonde bombshell (bomb site would probably be more accurate) and as she fluffed my locks, I mentioned to her the trouble I was having with the side bits which were insisting on staying straight.  'Have you tried braiding it?' she asked.

'Braiding?'  I asked, 'Don't you think I am a little old for that?'  Well apparently not, and she suggested a couple of plaits from the side, pinned over my ears, and falling loosely to my shoulders (these are her words, and have no bearing on my hair whatsoever).

Now I'm not sure that I could rock the whole Swiss Heidi look, but I am always open to suggestions.

Now where will I find a goat....

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