Saturday, 27 May 2017

Castle on the hill...

Well the husband well and truly pulled it out of the bag for our anniversary celebrations.

We decided to take my car as the weather was so glorious.  Even now, I don't know how we managed to get two suitcases, two excited dogs and two large dog beds in such a small space, but we did.  I suppose that having the roof down all the way was a great help as the dogs were perched on the back seat like a couple of shaggy parrots and my legs were pinned down by various leads and dog bowls.  The husband, who is not abundant in the hair department, managed to burn the top of his head after four hours of the sun mercilessly beating down on him, and now resembles a Swan Vesta, and the 50mph wind played havoc with my hair, and combing it before dinner proved rather challenging.  I'm not saying it was knotted, but I'm now catching the husband up with regard to hair free areas on my head.

So, we are at Thornbury Castle, and there are no words to describe how beautiful it is.  As the husband said as we walked in, 'A castle for my queen'.  He's quite the romantic, my harnessed Northerner.  The room is like something you would see in a National Trust property, and the bathroom was incredible.  It did take us a while to find the loo though - can you find it?

Dinner was amazing, and we headed out into the gardens to finish off our wine.  Now the waiters are all nationalities, but the French gentleman who came to the husband for a signature at the end of the meal had pretty ropy English.  He explained that he had to get a signature even though we had dinner included. 'Aah', he said in a Gallic fashion, 'I 'ave to get a sign as I don't know 'ow beeg your package is....'  I was midway eating a rather lovely truffle when he came out with this comment. It was rapidly followed by a coughing fit and a large drink of water. I think that a few more English lessons might be needed.

The husband had given me my present during dinner.  He had managed to put all my blog together in a book, and as he handed it to me, he said that this was a first edition. It was lovely looking back on some of the early stuff, and two of us sat there laughing over things that had happened.

'What do you think?' asked the husband as I skipped through the pages.  I told him that it was making me think that I really should spend some time on it and stick it on Amazon to see if there was any interest.

He nodded sagely and told me that he thought it would do very well on Tinder.

How I love this man...

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