Saturday, 22 April 2017

That's what friends are for...

A quiet weekend beckons...

This is my plan, but I am sure that one of our many offspring will tip up at some time over the next two days demanding food, money or ironing (or all three which is more likely). But at this moment in time, it's looking promising for the husband and I to have a little time to ourselves.  Of course, the time together will be after he has worked most of Saturday, and then cycled with his buddies on Sunday morning.  I predict our time together will be restricted to between 11.00am and 4.00pm on Sunday.  

Most of this will be spent asleep on the sofa, as I struggle to recover from walking the equivalent of Hadrian's Wall with the dogs this week.  I sometimes wonder where they get their energy from, but then I realise that in dog years, they are only 28 and 10, so energy is not really an issue (unlike the 53 year old asthmatic woman with dodgy feet and tight hip flexors who would love nothing more than a Rhubarb Gin and Tonic in a dark room).  I have been dragged up hill and down dale this week by those two, and I am considering harnessing them up to a skateboard for the steeper parts. All of a sudden, having a larger dog which I could saddle up and ride home is looking rather attractive..

Yesterday, I booked some cinema tickets for Mrs S and I to go and see 'Their Finest' next week.  Mrs S thinks that I want to go and see this because of the story line.  Mrs S is being naive. It's set in the 1940's, and I am really going to get some tips on how to dress at the next Lindy Hop social which is in a couple of weeks' time.  I have a terrible feeling that while everyone is ensconced in the film, I shall be practicing my Shim Sham or my Tranky Doo in the aisles as soon as any music starts up.  

But we go back a long way, me and Mrs S, and this is small fry compared to some of the exploits we got up to. Having lived in the same house for three years when in our 20's, it dawned on us several years ago that neither of us had ever cooked a meal in that time. I'm not too sure what we were living on, but Asti Spumante, Twilight chocolates and crisps were the general consensus.  

But it's brilliant having a best friend who you've grown up with.  We had so many secrets when we were younger, and the only saving grace is that now we are older, neither of us can remember a damn thing.

Asti can do that you know....

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