Saturday, 29 April 2017

Step inside love...

Master B and Master P returned to work yesterday after their training course.  I'm not sure whether there has been a day in the last two years when I have been so glad to see them. Running the sales office this week just about finished me off.

So to celebrate the fact that I managed to survive the week in Binland without killing myself, any of my colleagues (who were magnificent in their help and support) or a single customer, I suggested to the husband that we have a quiet meal out.  To be honest, between Binland and London, we haven't really seen much of each other this week, so it was a chance to catch up (this is a cute phrase for 'having a moan').

I was just about to take the dogs out for a final walk yesterday afternoon, when daughter number one turned up unexpectedly.  Not unexpectedly, she was here to 'beg, borrow or steal'.  This is a common reason for any of our children to visit, and I mentally started counting down what I might need to hide.  Well it turned out she needed a duvet, some pillows and all the bed linen for a double bed.  Now like most people, I don't have a spare duvet, so I stripped off daughter number two's bed, and passed her that along with the bed linen.

'What are you up to tonight?' I asked her, expecting some feisty night out with her friends or fella.  'Nothing', she replied, and then she did it.....  'What about you and dad?'  Now I could have lied.  I could have said that we were raiding the fridge and having an early night (this usually manages to get rid of them), but instead I said, 'We're going out for dinner'.  Her eyes did that thing like Puss in Boots of Shrek fame, so I continued with a 'Want to join us?'  Well of course she did, so now we were three.

The husband arrived back home, and was rustled upstairs for a quick pressure wash, and while he was missing, son number two and ELL turned up.  'What're you doing tonight?' asked son number two. Sighing, I told him we were going out for dinner.  Not being as subtle as daughter number one, he said, 'Oh brilliant.  Where are we going?'

So all of a sudden, the quiet dinner for two had turned into a coach party trip.  

We ended up at The Maltsters ( for a fantastic meal.  The food was delicious, and the place had a great buzz to it.  I still have no idea what the husband has been up to this week, but is was lovely to have 60% of our children with us.  In case you're struggling with the maths here, ELL is here so much, I count her as one of mine now.  In fact, there have been several occasions when I have considered trading her on a permanent basis for one of our four.

Not saying which one, but between them, I expect they'll know...

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