Monday, 20 March 2017

The right thing...

It was a quiet one at home yesterday as all the children were elsewhere..Hooray! (oh, did I say that out loud?)  Daughter number one is laid up with a plastered ankle, son number one is still ensconced in university squalor somewhere on the south cost, and daughter number two and son number two flew out to Tenerife yesterday for some sunshine and sangria.  So it was just me, the husband and the dogs.  So we did what we often do when it's just us.  We headed off to be with other like minded schnauzer owners with the venue of choice being the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (  

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time will know that the husband and I have tramped many miles with our two fuzzballs raising money for this animal haven.  Yesterday was a bit different because it was a way for the charity to say thank you to all the Schnauzerfest walkers who over the years have raised many thousands of pounds.  This money has helped lots of dogs get through some horrific times, introducing them to a very different world where love has no price.  

The time there went in the usual way when we attend these get-togethers.  Percy, never the most virile of dogs was overjoyed to see one of his old flames, Hugo.  There were some over zealous greetings of the inappropriate kind, and before Percy really showed us up, we headed off to the large paddock which DBARC provide as a safe running place for all the dogs.  Well, we lost our two within three minutes,  The husband and I did four laps of the field without any dogs (I'm not too sure what the other walkers were thinking, but the husband was very vocal in his failed whistling up of our two so that they didn't think we were imposters).  Having walked round and round, looking like the only non-dog owners in the village, we eventually decided to sit down at the gate and just wait for the dogs to find us.  

Reg was the first, having clocked the free bags of beautifully wrapped dog biscuits which volunteers were handing out.  As the husband struggled to open the packet at the top, Reg, whose patience is non existent where a Bonio is concerned, ripped the bottom resulting in a cascade of dog biscuits on the floor.  So we now had seven schnauzers instead of the two we were after, and it looked like shark kill on the path with the ensuing biscuit frenzy.   The husband wasn't sure what to do, eventually handing Reg to me while he scooped up what was left of the biscuits, thrusting them into my coat pocket, followed by six wet noses..

Having finally got two dogs on their leads, and managing to get the right ones, which is always a bonus, we headed off to look around the centre.  The staff supplied the most amazing lunch for everyone with  sandwiches and cakes of every kind. I'd like to apologize to anyone who was saving a small tummy space for a piece of fruit cake....Unfortunately, the husband got there first and polished off three slices without drawing breath.  This is what happens when I leave him unattended for more than five minutes.  Of course, the lack of cake could be down to the taller schnauzers who could reach the plates, but who am I to tell tales...or should that be tails?  

We got back home around 3.00 yesterday, and Percy and Reg headed to their beds and only surfaced for more food before bedtime.

Funnily enough, the husband did exactly the same with a bowl of trifle...

Now, to be serious for just a nano-second, if you want to donate any small offering to Schnauzerfest, here is the link

Thank you...

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