Wednesday, 23 November 2016


A good friend asked me yesterday how son number two's first day at work had gone. 'Well he went back for the second day, so it can't be all that bad', was my reply.   All joking apart, he had a fantastic day, with much banter and male bonding.  By the sounds of it, his office (which shall remain anonymous in case I ruin his chances of future success) is like a rugby team, but instead of muddy shorts and boots, they are wearing slick suits and ties.  He'll fit in perfectly with his very unique style of dress which he has perfected over the last few years...

I happened to mention in yesterday's meanderings that the husband and I have started watching Breaking Bad.  I know that there are many of you reading this thinking 'Well, there's another one who arrived late to the party', but I have to confess, once I got over my initial disbelief that anything even remotely similar could take place, I have found myself addicted to it.  Not in a crystal-meth (or glass, if you're past Season 1 Episode 3) way, but because it's a joy to sit and watch anything without being interrupted by adverts. I also like the challenge of guessing what the Periodic Table abbreviations are at the beginning of each episode.  Every night, I manage Barium and Nitrogen, and then feel totally inadequate and wish that I'd listened more in my Chemistry lessons.  Surprisingly, it's also rather funny.

Now I'm not too sure whether this is intentional, but because the husband and I have led a life so sheltered that it's almost indoors, we don't understand quite a lot of it.  It is, therefore, far easier to laugh at it rather than look at each other with a bewildered look in our eyes.  And naturally, we can't ask the kids.  I mean, we don't want to look that stupid, do we?

If you speak to the kids about Breaking Bad, we get different reactions from them.  Son number one hadn't watched any of it, but was quite happy to sit and watch it with us on Sunday, after the husband delivered a resume of the first 18 hours, squeezed into 2 minutes.  Daughter number one couldn't get past the second episode, and has never returned for a second attempt, while daughter number two has seen the lot.  She and the LSB have watched every box set known to man from Vikings to The Walking Dead (a natural side-line of university life I feel).  Son number two has his own thoughts on Breaking Bad. If it's on, he's off.   It's as simple as that.  When it first came out, he managed to make it to the end of Season Two which is roughly where we are now. Just another five to go apparently, which should take us through to Christmas quite nicely.

The husband and I have realised that sticking this on guarantees us peace from son number two and daughter number one each evening, because as soon as the music starts they both scuttle off, leaving us on our own on the sofa.  It's a bit of a cunning plan, and once we've completed our marathon of Breaking Bad, we may just have to play the theme tune each evening to give us a little bit of 'us time'.  

There's one person who hasn't quite twigged what we are up to yet.  Son number two's girlfriend, ELL, was with us for dinner Monday night, and once the clearing up was done, she came in and flopped down on the sofa, just to hear me say to the husband,

'I think we've got time to slip a quick one in before bed'.

I reckon her reaction to the theme tune coming on will be similar to the other kids, except for one addition.

She'll probably shut the lounge door very quietly after her...

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