Wednesday, 26 October 2016

King of the dogs...

Yesterday was a bit of a funny one.  My lovely friend Mrs P had invited me and another friend Lady O round to her house for a cup of tea.  All three of us have puppies of various sizes, and some serious socialising was on the cards.

Now Mrs P has a Rottweiler puppy called Neville who wrestled with Reg non stop for three hours last time we got together.  I was looking for a repeat performance so that Reg would be too knackered to chew anything on our return home, but it soon became apparent that Neville has a good memory.  I think he remembered the amount of nips and thumps he got from Reg last time, and was looking forward to a little bit of payback.  He was waiting at the front door when he arrived, and I heard Reg give a little gulp next to me.  As the little b*****d had chewed more carpet today, I'm afraid that I wasn't too sympathetic, but merely pushed him through the front door.

The two of them disappeared into the garden, and Reg spent most of the next two hours on his back, being marinated by Neville.  Poor Reg's fur was sticking out in all directions, and by the time we left he resembled a rather old toilet brush who had seen better days.  I should mention that Lady O's puppy was a delicate spaniel called Hebe, who obviously got the measure of the two boys straightaway, preferring to sit on laps in a ladylike fashion, whilst probably tutting softly under her breath.

By the time I got Reg back into the car, he had developed a nervous tic under one eye, and was  looking anxiously out of the window in case Neville had decided to follow him out to the car.  Needless to say, when we got home, Percy, who has also met Neville, took one sniff of Reg, and fell about laughing and finally stopped punching the air around 6.30pm.

As it's my birthday next week, I have to take cakes into work. I've never understood why it's that way round.  It's my birthday so someone else should be making it shouldn't they?  Anyway, I'm not one to rock the boat, so out came the mixer.  It's been a long time since I made a cake like this one (gravestone/bloodied hands etc), and I had forgotten how much mess I am able to make. It had to have a Halloween theme naturally, so I spent a most enjoyable couple of hours fashioning things out of green and black icing.  I then spent another not so enjoyable two hours clearing up after myself.  But it's all done, and just needs a couple of additions before it's ready for the big reveal on Friday.

Going back to the annual celebration reminding me that I am yet another year nearer to a bus pass, I still don't know what the husband has planned.  I know that some of the children will be knocking about, so as long as my presents don't include bags of dirty washing, I'll be happy.

If I'm honest though, just having those I love around me will be enough....

(But any presents are also welcome...hint...hint...)
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