Friday, 30 September 2016

There goes a tenner...

So I had rather an interesting day yesterday.  It started quite normally, but ended with me in my pyjamas being filmed in my bedroom by two lovely ladies.  Now before you start thinking that I am giving Binland the heave-ho having branched out into adult entertainment, let me reassure you that this was part two of the filming for the programme I'm contributing to on the menopause.  I can't give away any clues as to what we were doing (that lovely lady from the television will kill me otherwise) but needless to say it was interesting, funny and educational.

The husband found me in this state of undress, and was slightly bewildered.  There was no dinner, the dogs were un-walked and un-fed and I was ready for bed at 7.12pm.  He didn't hang around long.  Perhaps he was afraid that they'd get him to roam around the house in his night attire at an unacceptable time of the day. So instead of making dinner and walking the dogs, he grabbed his Lycra (hidden by me at the back of his wardrobe in the hope that a blue look won't find it) and headed off on his bike with the other men who have failed to grow up around here. 

Naturally, there is alcohol involved.  I'm not too sure how many pubs they pass on their attempt to keep fitter for longer, but rest assured, the evidence was written all over his face when he got back.  I have to pretend I'm asleep when he comes back so that he doesn't get embarrassed about not being able to string a sentence together.  That way, we can both keep up the pretence that he's doing exercise.

So between takes today, Mrs R (she of the lovely café and waffle maker) sent her youngest round to ask for sponsorship.  I answered the door wearing half of my pyjamas, jeans, shoes and the husband's dressing gown.  He looked wary to say the least.  I was in a rush, so looked at the piece of paper he was holding, and asked him a question.  Did I ask him what he was doing? No I didn't.  Did I ask him who he was raising the money for?  No I didn't. 

Did I say very quickly, 'How much has every one else given you? £10? Good, put me down for the same'.  Yes, I bloody well did.  Now I'm not proud of this, as obviously he had something quite demanding planned, in order to earn my £10.   Which was why I was surprised when he knocked the door again half an hour later.  I was still in my bedroom in a state of undress, so the lovely lady from the television went down to the door.  He was there to collect his sponsorship money. 

Which is why I spent what was left of my short evening pondering as to what he had done to earn this sponsorship money in half an hour.  Well it wasn't swimming, running or staying silent, so what was it? 

When I leave for work this morning, I'm taking that £10 round.  It's a small price to pay to get the lowdown on what you have to do these days to earn a tenner.

Legally, anyway...
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