Monday, 19 September 2016

Movin' on...

So after Saturday's 'Spot The Cock-Up' on the flat-pack furniture assembly, it was a quieter day for us yesterday.  Well I say quieter, but that was shattered when Mrs S (she of the new home) turned up just as we were finishing a particularly good roast dinner, courtesy of moi.  I know it was good as there was silence around the table - always a good sign.

So back to Mrs S.  She has a delightful habit of handing over a bag of goodies to mini adults heading off to university for the first time.  Let me take you through what was in the bag...

A fancy dress banana suit - Son number two was made to try this on immediately.  I mean, no one wants to see a too tight banana now do they?
Pro-Plus - For those mornings which seem to morph into the night before
Red Bull - See Pro-Plus
Two emergency packet meals - For when the money runs out a week before payday
A Hawaiian fancy dress - Always useful when you have nothing clean to wear
A sewing kit, with different coloured threads conveniently threaded through the needles (these are possibly exchangeable for a hot meal)
A pack of cards - So he can play Patience when he has no money to go out
Two pregnancy tests - Apparently, these are highly valued amongst certain girls, so can be exchanged for money or food
Chocolate - This won't make it up the stairs to his bedroom at home, let alone Brighton.  If ELL had been here, it wouldn't even have made it from the kitchen table.
Tequila - See Chocolate
A torch - for those times when you can't scrape enough money together to feed the meter
Face paint - For Fresher's Week so that he can paint his legs yellow when wearing the banana suit.  Preferable to wearing yellow tights I expect.

There were other items in there which I can't talk about, what with this being read by older ladies who may not be prepared for such revelations.  I am alright seeing them, as I have had three go thorough university already and there's really nothing left that can shock me now.

Son number two's girlfriend ELL went off to Bournemouth yesterday.  Son number one is already there, starting his last year, and I think ELL is hoping to bump into him.  The trouble is, that son number one has taken the dreaded full size cardboard cut out of himself down to Bournemouth, so she might spend a couple of evenings chatting to him, and wondering why she's getting no response. Mind you, it would probably be the same  if she met the real thing after an evening of Frosty Jacks.

So I have four more days with son number two before he goes.  I'll try and make him the meals he loves, and take time to listen to anything he has to say.  I am also going to try and not tell him to tidy his room, or sort his washing out.  I won't nag about wet towels or the amount of half empty glasses lined up on the window sill.

I will miss all of that mum stuff...

Yeah right.  For about five minutes....
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