Friday, 26 August 2016

Shop around...

So the Big Day Off dawned bright and sunny.  The headache which has been hammering away at me for a week had subsided to a dull roar, so it was a great start to the day for me.

I didn't want to waste my day, and by 9.30am I had done the week's shopping, had a coffee in a local café and sold a wheelie bin to the man on the fruit and veg market stall (don't ask).

Miss R, who also had a day off was tipping up round about 10.30 to spend the day with me, and had offered to bring lunch.  I got a bit carried away in Waitrose, and returning home with the many bags of shopping it became apparent that it wasn't all going to fit in the fridge.  I tried, and it was a bit like playing Food Jenga...move the cheese too quickly and all the yoghurts end up on the floor taking salad and a carton of beetroot with them.

But not to worry.  Son number two was at the fridge so quickly (obviously waiting at a safe distance while I unpacked the whole lot) that I wondered for a moment if I had forgotten to feed him last night.  Within five minutes, he had used up half a roast chicken and a whole small loaf for his packed lunch.  Son number two waited till all this had been cleared away, and then sauntered in to the kitchen looking for breakfast.  It was at this point that I completely gave up trying to get a clean worktop anywhere, and headed off to the garden.

And then Miss R turned up.  She was armed with carrier bags too.  Now I know she always brings goodies for the children, and I also knew she was bringing lunch for us.  What I wasn't expecting was that she was going to do a week's shop for me while she was in Waitrose.   It would appear that while I was pushing my trolley around the Wallingford Waitrose, she was doing the same in the Marlow branch. 

What was very strange, was that we had bought almost a mirror image of each other's trolley, right down to the fruity couscous.  She somehow got all of her extra stuff into my fridge - it's all wedged in so tightly now, that I don't think anyone will be able to prise anything out again. 

We spent the day in the sun, rolling over every hour or so like a couple of chipolatas on a barbeque, basting ourselves with suntan cream on a regular basis. Chattering and nattering like a couple of old biddies, in between eating, drinking and snoozing.  It was perfect.

Just one of those days spent doing nothing with someone who means everything.
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