Monday, 22 August 2016

Go your own way...

Summer took a well-earned day off yesterday.  Well, let's face it, four days of sunshine can be a tiring thing to sustain can't it?

To celebrate the return of the torrential rain and single digit temperatures, the husband and I met up with the mother for a roast dinner.  Not at her house, of course.  This is something that simply doesn't happen anymore.  For some reason, around August 2007 the mother decided that cooking roast dinners for her ever increasing family just wasn't her thing anymore. 

There have been various excuses over the years.  The first one was that her kitchen wasn't big enough to house us all.  We offered to do separate sittings, dining at 12.00, 1.00 and 2.00, but that suggestion wasn't received well. I think that three sittings of cauliflower cheese coupled with her OCD would just about have tipped her over the edge. Then she moved house, and we all thought, 'This is it....'.  Well no, it wasn't. 

Apparently, the table which sits in the substantially more spacious kitchen is not big enough now.  I do have vague memories of a very large kitchen table at one of her previous residences, but I have a strong suspicion that it was sold, thus removing the ability to sit us all down together ever again.  Definitely an ulterior motive in that sale I think. 

So we convened in the local pub.  I say 'pub' but it's very small, and it's more like sitting in someone's front room with several other strangers while you have a meal on your lap.  Son number two and his BFF tagged along - anything for a free roast dinner (I think the two of them are stocking up like pre-hibernation hamsters before they head off to their universities).

The journey to the pub should have taken twenty minutes.  You may remember I spoke yesterday about the husband's new glasses?  Well these were given their first test drive today, and the journey took thirty five minutes.

The husband claimed that he had decided to take the scenic route.

I am more inclined to offer up the reason of 'lost'...
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