Thursday, 21 July 2016

Nellie the elephant...

Son number one left for 'somewhere in Asia' yesterday afternoon.  Unlike the very organised daughter number two, he hasn't provided us with a day by day itinerary as to his whereabouts, so we can but guess where he is going to be on a daily basis.  He has taken the smallest rucksack with him for the three weeks he's away.  It actually looks more like a bum bag than a rucksack, and I am worried that he hasn't thought to take the entire Boots Prescription counter with him as daughter number two did.  Of course, the good side of the small rucksack is that as it doesn't hold much, I would imagine that the washing he brings home will be minimal. 

I'm still sorting daughter number two's washing from her trip.  As well as the clothes she took with her, other items came back in the rucksack.  Most of these items are made of cheap cotton printed with elephants, with elasticated waists and ankles.  If I didn't think that I would look like a feminist CND supporter, I might grab a pair to wear in this heat.  Mind you, desperate times and all that.

The husband who has the misfortune (or good luck, depending on which way you look at it) to be working outside, has developed an intricate pattern of tan lines over the last few days.  He naturally has his t-shirt off, but insists on wearing gloves.  He also wears shorts, and long socks.  I have decided to start calling him Marty (the zebra off 'Madagascar' for those of you who don't have a clue what I am talking about).  Bless him though, he thinks I am implying he looks like Michael J Fox out of Back to the Future. So while he's strutting about thinking he looks like a fit young buck, I'm picturing a stripy creature with suspect teeth, who loves the curvier woman...(more similarities than I originally thought then).

It's son number two I envy most in this weather.  If you remember, he has a job which entails not having to wear underwear (he's a lifeguard).  The executive decision was made yesterday (by him) that being in the pool, rather than up a ladder looking at the pool would be a good move, as he would be nearer any problems should they happen.  This is all well and good, but he is also now sporting a strange sun tan.  He looks like he's spent a week in the Maldives from the waist up, but get him out of the water, and his legs are screaming Skegness all the way.

I mustn't grumble about the weather though.  All to soon it will be over, and we'll all be complaining about the rain/wind/cold again.  The British summer is measured in days rather than months unfortunately, and we've had five days already.

My shorts are living on borrowed time...
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