Friday, 20 May 2016

Midnight at the lost and found...

As the wind and rain had quietened down to a dull roar yesterday afternoon, I decided to take the two fuzzballs up to the woods for a walk.  This wood is quite a new one on my radar, kindly introduced to me by the wonderful Mrs B next door (she of the fancy coffee and waffle machines for her soon-to-be-opened café). 

Now some weeks ago, I hauled the husband round on this walk.  Not content with my directions, he suggested a 'short cut'.  As we were running in Reg's paws at that point, I agreed that a shortened walk would be a great idea.  Well it was really beautiful, and since then, this is the walk of choice for the husband and me.

Yesterday, I braved it alone. Deciding on the shorter walk as I was limited to an hour, I headed off into the woods.  An hour later, with no car on the horizon, I was panicking.  Deciding to retrace my steps, I carried on walking.  It wasn't until I passed an old dumped lawnmower for the third time (no one could be more surprised that me at seeing this in the middle of nowhere) that I really started to worry.  So you can imagine my relief when a woman appeared with a large dog. 

'Can you help me?'  I asked her. 'I'm lost'.  She looked startled, which I put down to the fact that I was covered in mud and leaves having navigated several swampy paths (a couple of them twice).  'Where are you heading?' she asked.   When I told her, there was a sharp intake of breath. a bit like when a builder quotes.  She gave me instructions as to how to find my way back, but here's the problem. People in woods assume that other people they meet have some knowledge of the surrounding area.  'Straight up there, when you get to the clearing, head towards the pile of logs and keep to the side of the field. Should take you about half an hour'. 

Thanking her profusely, I was off again.  I was sweating like Lee Evans by now and half an hour later, I passed the mower again... Out of desperation, I called the husband.  For some reason, all he wanted to know was where I was.  Well, if I knew that then I wouldn't be lost, would I?   And then I had a light bulb moment....  My phone, satnav...brilliant....

Two minutes later, I stuck that back in my pocket - no glasses on me, so because there is no option as yet for a Braille mobile, I was knackered.  The husband received another high pitched call from yours truly, in which he managed to guess where I was (I have a feeling it was him that dumped that lawn mower, how else would he have known?)  Half an hour later I was back at the car, very relieved to be back in civilisation again.

The husband called again just as I was getting to the car. 'I'm coming to find you'.

Now knights in shining armour come in many guises. 

Mine tipped up in a four wheel drive towing a trailer, desperately trying not to laugh as he looked at me.  I'm sure that was why he kept hugging me.  He said it was to reassure me, but I think it was so I wouldn't see the tears running down his cheeks. 

He never lets me down.  Asks daft questions sometimes, but is always there when I need him...
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