Friday, 27 May 2016

Feed me...

Yesterday was the last day of freedom for Mrs B (she of the fancy waffle maker) as Saturday sees the grand opening of her café.  As she was busy making waffles with the husband and his business partner this afternoon (they were her guinea pigs - actually, having heard how many they ate, I think we can drop the 'guinea') I offered to do some running around for her to give her more time to prepare for today. 

This involved collecting and dropping off her two boys, Master J and Master O at various activities, something I haven't done for many years as all our offspring have their own transport now.  First job was to take Master O off to his drumming lesson.  Calling for him this afternoon, the front door was opened by aforementioned boy, sporting a fine set of whiskers and some sheet music. 

'Why the whiskers?' I asked

'I'm a meerkat'.

Apparently, that was enough explanation, but further interrogation revealed that a girl was responsible for this, which is probably why he hadn't washed it off. We drove to the drumming lesson, and I dropped the meerkat off at a very un-drummer-teacher looking house.  They had a Maple Tree and a Buddha in the drive for goodness sake.  Not very rock 'n' roll...

It was then off to the local comprehensive to pick up Master J.  Having parked up, I scanned the faces of the exited children looking for the one I was supposed to collect.  What I wasn't expecting was a 5'10" lemur (it was a onesie I think) to get into my car hauling a rucksack behind him.

Conversation went like this...

'How was Band Practice?'

'It wasn't Band Practice.  I'm in a play'

'Oh, what are you doing?'

'The Little Shop of Horrors.  I'm Audrey Two......'

Now I have seen this film.  Several times.  But never once did I see a 6' lemur play the part of a man-eating plant.  Apparently there are twelve boys playing the plant.  I am wondering whether they are confusing Audrey Two with the beanstalk of 'Jack' fame.

So the lemur and I head back to pick the meerkat up from his drumming lesson, with a promise of a McDonalds on the way home. 

Pulling up in the car park with my menagerie on board, the lemur suggested a drive through.  I was extremely relieved, as I had minor concerns about trying to get into the restaurant with the two of them.

I would have had to leave them tied up outside with a bowl of water...
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