Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cold as ice...

I am fed up with being cold.  The heating keeps kicking in, as the house is too cold to sustain human life, and I have reintroduced thermals to my summer wardrobe.

Every morning this week, I have cautiously opened one eye and peeked over the window sill for a quick weather check. Gone are the days when I would hang the next day's outfit in the bathroom, ready to slip on for work.  Oh no..it is only after the weather check that I decide on whether it's a thermal or flip-flop day.  Of course, some outfits can be worn whatever, so all I need to decide with these outfits is whether I can get away with wearing socks (not the best of looks with three-quarter length trousers or a skirt mind you).

Taking a look at the long term weather forecast, it would appear that we will have a dry day on July 5th, with another following on the 27th.  I am anticipating the second flood, and have set the husband to work with some chipboard and a lathe.  We're still confused as to how big a cubit is, so depending on the finished article, there might either be room for the whole of mankind and a pair of each of our animal friends, or a solitary squirrel...time will tell.

The husband and I, not being the kind of people to feel jealous of our four children and their planned exotic holidays (honestly..) are heading to a shed on the sea front sometime over the summer.  If the rain is still hammering down that week, I would imagine that we will need to use an intricate system of stepping stones to get from the shed to our car, as the sea will be lapping around the front door.  I will probably invest in water wings for the two dogs just in case.

The one thing which really irritates me is that after giving us all this doom and gloom regarding the next day's forecast, the weather man then gives a wide smile, and informs us that the good news is....

'The pollen count will be low'..

Pollen, schmollen........ I would be quite happy sniffing in the sunshine...
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