Thursday, 28 April 2016

Straight down the middle...

Words from a Bird.  Day 119.

I can be a bit of a flibbertigibbet where my hair is concerned.  Having naturally curly hair, every now and again I like to buck the trend and try something different.

My sister, Mss R (an expert at wielding a hairdryer - if this was an Olympic sport, she'd win the gold medal every time) had straightened my hair on holiday, and I kind of liked it.  Having made the decision that I was going to keep it that way for a few months, it became necessary to have an appliance whip-round, so that I had all the necessary tools to keep this up.

First item was a hairdryer, which I didn't possess, so Miss R very kindly donated one of her older ones to test drive. Early indications are that you need to be either double jointed, or a freak with three arms to get this pointing in the right direction....'down the shaft' apparently...

Next were the brushes...'Have you got the right one?' asked Miss R.  What does she mean, 'the right one'?  Well apparently if you don't use the right brush, all hell can break loose in the hair department.  To be honest with you, looking at my hair on curly days, it would appear that I don't need a brush for this to happen.  The only brush I was aware of was a Vent Brush (last used in the 1980's when big hair was in fashion.  For once, I was trendy).

'Can I use a Vent Brush?' 

Well the look of horror she gave me was nothing short of terrifying.. 

'Are you mad?  Of course not.  It'll make your hair frizzy'.

Now my hair is frizzy already.  Would using this brush be the equivalent of two negatives making a positive, or would I just look like a giant fur ball?  It really wasn't worth finding out.  So what else was on offer in the brush department?

'You'll need a Boar Bristle Round Brush' says Miss R assuming I have as much brush knowledge as she does. 'I have an old one of those too'.

I had visions of a stubby bristled brush way past its prime and was slightly concerned as to how many boars would have suffered in the making of the brush, but was pleasantly surprised with the one she offered.  This went into the carrier bag with the hair dryer.

I then had to go to the chemists and buy heat protector, sulphate free shampoo, styling mousse, serum, hairspray and hair clips.  I am told that when you blow dry your hair, it has to be sectioned out.  Miss R didn't tell my how many sections, so I am working on the assumption that eight will be enough.  Not sure how the sections pan head is round, so let's go with orange shaped...

A lovely friend from work whipped out a pair of unwanted straighteners at lunchtime which have also come home with me.  She told me that I must read the instructions before I start, as apparently these straighteners can sometimes fight back, leaving third degree burns on scalps and ears.  They have also been known to turn your hair ginger with overuse.  Son number 2 knows all about this...

It all sounds rather dangerous, and quite labour intensive, but I shall persevere.

I give it till Monday...
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