Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rule Britannia........

Words from a Bird.  Day 117

Well we threw caution to the wind yesterday morning and decided to take our chances with getting our usual sunbeds.  I mean, how many Germans, Finns and Spaniards were there in the hotel?  Surely there would be enough to go round...

You can imagine our surprise when we came down to the pool before breakfast, with the intention of laying claim to our sunbeds....to find our sunbeds in the same place, but neatly cordoned off from the rest of the pool area by carefully arranged concrete planters, parasols and a four foot fence.  Closer inspection revealed that much there had been an element of thought put into this as there were union flags draped over each lounger and tea making facilities in one corner.  Three neatly ironed copies of the Daily Mail were laid on the side tables together with a copy of The People's Friend.  How thoughtful of them to set aside this little corner of England for us, away from all the other non-British European folk.

Unfortunately, the pool staff wouldn't let us in until we had gone through security.  I had to send Mrs W back to the room for our passports, and once these were checked and flip flops frisked, they were happy to open the gate and let us spread our towels out.

Well it was rather boring really....no one to ridicule, annoy, insult or laugh at. After an hour or so, Miss R suggested that it might be more fun on the other side 'with the foreign people', so we asked the pool attendant if we could come out, but his English became non existant, so a break out was planned.

Diverting the pool attendant's attention with a carefully thrown bikini top, we scaled the wooden fence and released ourselves back into European territory.  We have been given a verbal warning though.  Any more nonsense, and we're out.  We've worked out that we only have to behave until 9.15am when the taxi collects us for the airport.

Piece of cake.....

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