Saturday, 16 April 2016

Rescue me...

Words from a Bird.   Day 107

So the end of another week has crept up on me in felt slippers.  It's had its highs (winning on the horses and welcoming size 12 back into the wardrobe) and it's had its lows (flashing my derriere to a complete stranger and mud wrestling before work).

It's been sad too.  I had my eye on a cute schnauzer pup who had been dumped by his breeder, as he was unsellable due to having a fused right leg.  Wanting to do something kind, I badgered the Animal Rescue Centre ( to put myself forward as a potential furball mummy.

I thought we were perfect for Ike, but it appears not.  I had to bow down to their experience, and to the wonderful love for these pups they rescue.  Obviously, word has reached them of the terrorist we are harbouring.  This is Reg, 13 weeks old and adept at guerrilla warfare, ambushing any unclad foot which happens to be in his vicinity.  He has also learned to scale tall buildings (the stair gate) and has mastered the art of disguise (fox poo).     

I was suspicious about the children's reactions to us adopting Ike this week.  Daughter number 2 talked me through the application to adopt on the phone, ensuring that I pressed the 'send' button, and daughter number 1 offered to collect him for us.  However, son number 1 was adamant that we couldn't have a dog with a gimpy leg.  I think his street cred would have plummeted if I had made him walk a goose-stepping schnauzer.  Son number 2 was concerned that I was taking on more that I could cope with.  Silly boy.  I had him for goodness sake, and if I can cope with that, then anything else is childs play.  The husband (God bless him) just said, 'Well, we've got four kids, what's the difference?'  Good question.  I may explore that at a later date.

But we didn't get him and I know that he will go to a wonderful home eventually. Many Tears are fabulous about putting the right dog in the right home. I have made a decision though.

If Reg doesn't stop wearing that balaclava and carrying a Kalashnikov, I'm going to break into Many Tears and swap him for Ike. If Ike's gone, I'll just grab the nearest dog.

They'll never know the difference...
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