Sunday, 17 April 2016

Papa don't preach...

Words from a Bird.  Day 108

I am waiting for testosterone to hit the house with full impact.  Son number 1 has been playing rugby this afternoon, and the husband went to support.  This will mean that the whole match will have to be verbally regurgitated in real time over the course of the next two hours, while I sit here with a beatific smile on my face, wondering whether they'll notice if I leave home.  There will be talk of a bias ref (especially if they lose) and the husband will talk about how 'they were robbed'. 

With two male dogs in the house also, I crave the female company which is no longer in situ.  Daughter number 1 pops back every now and again, but not often enough to make a credible impact on the blue corner, and daughter number 2 won't be back home till June.

It's a problem when you don't have any females to talk to in the house.  Who can I discuss Tom Hiddleston, kissproof lipstick, padded bras and hair mousse with.  If I raise any of these subjects with the males in the house, I can guarantee that eyes will glaze over and there will be a job which all of a sudden, must be done immediately.  To date, I have managed to get a cupboard door mended, tyre pressures checked and dogs walked by using this method.

Since starting to write this, the wanderers have returned.  Son number 1 looks exactly how you would imagine after a game of rugby.  I have suggested a shower, which means that the mud will relocate from his shorts to the bathroom floor.

They did lose, and yes the referee did show bias on several occasions (told you).  There has also been a heated conversation about son number 1 being pulled off at half time (I dare you not to say the punch line to this comment) so the husband only got to see him play for 15 minutes. The husband is extremely good at telling us all what he would have done if he'd been the referee. I would have taken my flask and sat in the car, but the husband is made of stronger stuff it would seem.

So what do the two of them do once settled back into the lounge? They have put the rugby on....

Oh goody........

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