Friday, 22 April 2016

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

Words from a Bird.  Day 113

I knew the flight was going to be all trouble when the pilot announced as we were getting settled, 'Now all the heavy bags are on board, we are clear to go'.  I thought that they kept the cockpit door closed these days, but maybe word had filtered down the plane.

The girls and I were looking forward to a gin and tonic and eagerly awaited the reassuring clicking of miniature bottles as they made their way down the aisle.  Well the tea was first.  We all had one of those in preparation for the main event.  Then came the duty free....yes, yes, buy some perfume, now hurry along as we're waiting for the gin.

Well we waited, and we waited.  Fifteen minutes from landing, it became apparent that there was no drinks trolley.  This was a dry flight...... Miss R, on disembarking, pinned the camp steward up against the cockpit door, and snarled menacingly at him regarding the lack of gin. Apparently, BA don't offer alcohol on their early morning flights.  I would imagine that easyjet will get our business next year, or we will smuggle our own on board.

Once unpacked, it was time to forage for lunch.  Settling for the first restaurant we came to, we all chose Chicken cooked on Hot Stone. What we didn't expect was that it would be a lot of raw chicken and vegetables on a skewer which we would be expected to cook ourselves on a piece of molten lava.  Space was an issue, and I am now suffering from third degree burns where various bits of pepper and onion launched themselves off my hot stone and onto my leg.  Miss R had a similar problem with pieces of onion getting stuck in the turn-ups of her white shorts, and Mrs W managed to narrowly avoid piercing her eyebrow after a particularly zealous waving about of her empty skewer.

We are still unable to locate my mum and aunt who have already been here a few days.  Phones ring with no reply, and their hotel claims to have never heard of them.  Miss R believes that they may have left Spain altogether to avoid the threat of several nights out with us, while Mrs W has suggested that they may have found a couple of toyboys.

Either way, no bar will be safe until we find them....

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