Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Born too late...

Words from a Bird.  Day 110

Working closely with two males who have each been on this earth approximately half the time I have, can bring issues to the fore.  Here are some of the more obvious ones which I have noted over the last year.

1. The two of them always seems to speak more loudly when anything verbal is directed at me.  They haven't started adding the word 'dear' at the end of each sentence, but I am sure that it is just a matter of time.

2. They like to make me tea. They've obviously both been brought up extremely well, and have been trained to make their mums tea, probably from the age of 7 if mine are anything to go by.  Of course, the sheer implication of this is that they have pigeon-holed me in the same age group as their mums, which is understandable if not regrettable.

3. Weird food is brought in for their lunches, for which they often apologise.  One of the boys tends to have lunches which sound like Trill before he has added the obligatory hot water.  The other always brings in what was left from the night before.  His mum is clearly organised and makes extras each night to allow for this.  I have never done this...not even for myself.

4.They both drink water....very odd (there's tea and coffee for goodness sake).

5. They like to talk about football....a lot.  I gave up on adding anything to these conversations around day 2 of my employment.  One doesn't like to look like one's trying too hard to keep up with the younger folk...

6. I like to dress in what I think is a modern style.  Of course, I am modern in a room full of 52 year olds, but to them?  I just look like their mum...

7.  They like to ask me how to spell words and to check their punctuation.  It's all very 'Mum, can you check my homework before I hand it in?'

8. But it's the difference in music taste which makes me laugh the most.  One of the boys was singing 'Hello' under his breath, which as we all know was a hit taken off the Lionel Richie album Can't Slow Down (circa 1983).  Neither of them were even born when this was released, and I commented about how surprised I was that they knew it as it was so old. And the response?

'Oh, I've always been a fan of Earth, Wind and Fire'.

Beam me up Scotty.  It's going to be a long week...
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