Friday, 26 February 2016

Who let the dogs out?

Words from a Bird.  Day 57.

It was with a rather mincing walk that I set off with the dog this morning.  My first attempt at walking further than the end of my drive was never going to be easy, but as the husband had left home for the bright lights of Swanage for the day, there was really no way out of it.

I say I took him for a walk, but to be honest, it was more of a 'stand'.  I stood in the middle of the field while the fuzzball ran everywhere, coming back to check every now and again that I still hadn't moved.

Once back home, it took me some time to rally.  To be honest, I could have gone back to bed for an hour, but Binland was expecting me, so that wasn't an option.

Imagine my joy when I returned home after work at lunchtime to see two friends with 5 dogs in the meadow.  Great.  I could now do a 'sit' instead of a 'stand' while he ran around with his buddies.  Tea made for me and the girls, dogs released, I sat down on the bench, looking forward to an hour of chat, while fuzzball took himself off for some fun with the others.  I should have known better...

Percy instantly took a liking to the red haired charmer called Albert.  You'll remember the trouble I had getting him away from another temptress called Hugo some time ago (see Day 18), so I shouldn't have been surprised that he ignored the two four legged females who were vying for a bit of Percy love.

Poor Albert was quite ok about him kissing his whiskered chops, but became quite unsettled when Percy trotted down to the 'other end'....the interesting end.  As you may know, Percy is rather short, barely reaching a foot in height.  Albert on the other hand was magnificent, you could almost have saddled him up and ridden him home.  It all came to a rather unsavoury end, with Percy clinging onto Albert's silky red hind quarters, quite happily making love to Albert's left knee. 

Albert was having none of it, and his owner and I had to separate them before it got too ugly.  Albert may have been playing hard to get, but I don't think Percy will risk another attempt on his honour.

Thinking ahead about the appearance of Reg in a few weeks, I am considering a chastity belt for Percy.  It's either that or he has the snip.  The husband always blanches when I suggest this.

He thinks he'll be next...
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