Saturday, 6 February 2016

Tea for two...

Words from a Bird.   Day 37.

After the 'My name's Tracy and I cheat at Fitbit' confession yesterday, I was baffled by the response from other members of this week's challenge.  Jealousy seemed to be the prevailing reaction rapidly followed by regret that they hadn't thought of it first.  Throughout the day, there were ideas of upping the cheating with various suggestions being made as to where you could clip the Fitbit to achieve maximum steps.  One of the cleaner ideas was clipping it to the saddle of the horse running in the 3.15 at Sandown.  Lets hope that race was a long one, and not a 5 furlong dash - that won't make an impact on anyone's step counter.  Even Percy can walk further than that.

After my awful behaviour on Thursday, I thought it would be a great idea to counter this by doing something half decent.  I decided to host a tea party in the afternoon, and invited some of my closest (literally and geographically) friends to pop in for tea and cake.  Now these lovely ladies all remember the halcyon days when I used to bake 200 sponge cakes a week.   The mere mention of my lemon drizzle was enough to make their eyes glaze over, and they often reminisce about the smell of freshly baked chocolate cake wafting over the fence and through their open patio doors (it's the baking equivalent of freshly mown grass apparently). As I welcomed them in, I could sense the anticipation of one of my cakes being on offer.  Would it be the famous lemon drizzle, or (fingers crossed) a deep sticky chocolate offering, smothered in Baileys butter icing?

No, it wouldn't.

For the second time this week, I have been a let down.  I could almost sense their disappointment as they looked at the Bakewell Tarts and Mini Rolls, wantonly chucked onto a dinner plate.  There was a glimmer of hopeful anticipation when I offered fruit scones, but this diminished almost immediately when I got another packet out of the cupboard.  But there was cream, and there was jam.  There was also a heated discussion as to what went on the scone first, cream or jam....well, it's obvious isn't it? It goes like this: split your scone then it's jam first then cream on one half and cream first then jam on the second...everybody's happy that way.

Once the initial shock of SHOP BOUGHT CAKES AT NUMBER 35 had worn off, we had a wonderful afternoon.  There were a few comings and goings as my teapot vied for attention with school picks ups, but we managed to chat about everything and nothing, taking nothing but pleasure from each other.

Friendships are a very strange thing.  As a race, we simply pick another human, and think, 'I like this one', and then we do things together.  Sometimes, it's just for a short time, but sometimes the things we do together continue for eating cake (shop-bought or otherwise).

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