Monday, 29 February 2016

Just another manic Monday...

Words from a Bird.  Day 60

The husband finally surfaced after another night in quarantine, just as the morning tilted over into double figures.  His mission today?  To transfer all of last year's paperwork to the shed, leaving room in the garage for this year's newly finished paperwork, thus making room in his office for the empty folders ready for the coming year.

This all sounded very straightforward.  However, to get to the folders in his office an element of brutal clearing out was needed.  There are filing trays in his office which he hasn't looked in since around 2006.  This was around the time we moved in - I had bought them to help him get organised.  If only I'd known, ten years down the line that the most interesting thing in them would be one cycling glove and a pair of secateurs (which I had replaced in 2012 thinking them lost forever) I probably wouldn't have bothered.  He admitted that he had never even looked at them, thinking that they were the personal responsibility of either his bookkeeper, the wonderful Mrs B-T, or me (as I had bought them in the first place).

He also discovered enough pens to keep him going through to 2036.  Looking even further ahead, we may still have enough to open our own 'Rollerball and Biro' stall on the local market once retirement beckons.

So his office now looks quite professional (Mrs B-T will be thrilled and will probably think she has walked into the wrong house, as have I three times today).  I can even see the carpet again...

I also did my office, which involved polishing the desk and emptying the bin.  Thank goodness for my inherited OCD.  'Little and often' as I say to the husband on many occasions...

However, two tidy offices in one day is quite an achievement, so I have treated him to a new office chair which was delivered last night in time for the start of another busy working week.

I also have a posh new chair....well, I did empty the bin.
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