Saturday, 20 February 2016

It's five o'clock somewhere...

Words from a Bird.  Day 51

I popped home today for the first time in almost a week.  Imagine my joy (sarcasm alert) at seeing the state that it had been left in.  My initial thought was that we'd been burgled, but a downstairs room-by-room inspection confirmed that nothing had been taken, but that some level of abandonment had occurred...

Now this wouldn't normally be too much of a problem, but my best friend is on invalid-sitting duty tonight, so needed a bed for the night.  Question was, which one would take me the least time to sort before she turned up with her overnight bag?

I opted for son number 1's bedroom.  There were several reasons for choosing this one:

1. I could see the carpet, so was optimistic that the clearing up wouldn't take too long.
2. I could see the bed, so sleep would be a possibility
3. It's near the bathroom (no towels, toilet roll or shampoo, but that's easily sorted)
4. I couldn't get the doors to open more than three inches on the other three bedrooms
5. I couldn't find a screwdriver (See 4)

So to son number 1, I say, 'Well done.  You have a beautifully cleaned room to come home to with clean sheets.  I have even polished.  This is your reward for providing my friend with a bed for the night'. 

As for you other three, it may be worth extending your holiday while I calm down, or at the very least you might consider clubbing together for a bottle of something for me.  Armani Code might just swing it for you all...

Having been wrapped in cotton wool for the week by my wonderful mum, I am feeling ready to take on the world again, and I have decided to implement some of their routines into our daily life here at home.  The ones I like most are:

1. Having toast for breakfast with lemon marmalade. 
2. Sitting down every afternoon for one hour with some words in front of me.
3. Happy Hour (this seems to go on for much, much longer than one hour in their house)

My aim is to try and slow life down a bit.  Mind you, one too many of those Happy Hours could see it grind to a complete halt with husband and children crashing behind me as they fail to see my brake lights.

I am wondering whether it is socially acceptable to drink tea in a Happy Hour?  Just a thought...
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