Monday, 22 February 2016


Words from a Bird.  Day 53.

So they're back.....the tranquillity bestowed upon me by my mum has disappeared, swept away with six suitcases of dirty washing (four of which were turned away at the front door - there was no way I was going to be able to be able to get it all washed, dried and ironed before tomorrow morning.  I know I am perfect, but miracles can take a some time).

The children are full of tales, some of which I don't probably need to hear (in particular the five complaints made about them over the course of the week by the other hotel guests - that's another place we'll never be able to go back to).  I also wasn't that overjoyed about the husband being 'picked up' by two females.  Apparently, he just stood there, mouthing 'Help me' to the children while they stood there watching him dig a bigger and bigger hole for himself.  Most amusing.

Being Supermum, I had a full Sunday roast waiting for them when they finally returned.  Apparently, the food on holiday was mostly beige, and I've never seen the husband and children get so excited about broccoli and swede before.   Their cries of 'Green!' and 'Orange!' were quite overwhelming at times.

I have very politely sat through their home videos, making the right noises at the right times.  I stopped skiing about 8 years ago (too cold, too dangerous, too energetic and it hurts) and seeing them ski still manages to put all the hairs up on the back of my neck.  I have never quite understood the business of needing a holiday after a holiday.  Surely the whole point of one is to relax, and recharge the batteries?  The husband has come back looking like he needs jump starting, and son number 2 was talking about going to bed at 5.45pm.  All of them look like they need drying out (for alcohol abuse) and the husband will definitely be on starvation rations as from tomorrow, a decision reached when his stomach started coming into the kitchen about 45 seconds before the rest of him....

They have had the most wonderful time though.  At a time in their lives when each of them are heading off in different directions, it's wonderful to see the simple pleasure that they take in just all being away.

However, if that pile of washing ( the one that is blocking out the light from the window) does not diminish in the next couple of hours, I may also be taking a different direction.

Straight back to my mother's.....

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