Monday, 18 January 2016

Me and you, and a dog named who?

Words from a Bird.  Day 18

Raising money for a good cause always makes me feel rather humble.  Today's trip to the windswept beaches of West Wittering was no different.  We were walking on behalf of a heroic little Mini Schnauzer who had drawn massive attention to the atrocious puppy trade in this country and also abroad.  Money raised helps those ex-breeding dogs, introducing them to human kindness...every dog's right.

And so it was that my sister, the husband and I trekked down the A34 towards West Wittering.  We had packed for an Arctic excursion, not too sure what would greet us after the early morning snow showers.  I did feel that packing Kendal Mint Cake was erring on the side of over cautious, but hey ho.....

After several pit stops (this is what happens when you travel with two middle aged ladies) we arrived at the car was absolutely packed with 80 schnauzers and their owners, all doing their bit to raise as much money as possible.  Percy was in doggy heaven; we didn't take our eyes off him for the first five minutes, worried that we would lose him.  However, it soon became very apparent that Percy only had eyes for one dog.  A beautiful mini sporting a lovely orange scarf, flirting and teasing with Percy, encouraging him to run and play.  Percy had eyes for no one else.  Now, we have been considering breeding Percy, and as we looked at the two of them playing, we wondered whether this gorgeous dog could be 'The One'? 

Ten minutes later, the penny finally dropped.  Yes, this dog was definitely 'the one'......the one and only gay dog in the village.  Hugo, as we discovered from HIS owner, is extremely popular with all dogs, and not too picky about who he hangs out with.  Percy, undeterred it would seem by the fact that Hugo was more a woofter than a woofer, carried on running side by side with him, only stopping for the occasional (failed) mounting attempt.  None of this phased the over-generous Hugo, he merely looked over his shoulder and flicked his luxuriant beard in a 'come hither' way.  Percy didn't stand a chance, he was in love.

A stretch on the lead did nothing to dampen Percy's ardour, and after 10 minutes of dragging the husband over the sand in hot pursuit of Hugo, Percy was released once more, his one objective?  Consummation of this beautiful relationship. 

Which probably explains why, five hours after returning home, he hasn't moved off the sofa once.

Achieving the impossible can be exhausting.......

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