Saturday, 21 October 2017

All by myself....

Well he finally left yesterday morning.  Mr Bird (that name is so going to stick) flew the coop in a spray of gravel, looking like Robocop without the stature, ready to scale the Pyrenees on two wheels with several other man-children.

He was meant to do the first leg of the journey on a ferry, but unfortunately Storm Brian had other plans and the trip was cancelled.  Obviously the man who made this decision to cancel the ferry crossings was from the South, as no self respecting Northern man would cancel anything based on a stiff wind.  Anyway, a change of plan, a tunnel and a train, and he emerged into la Belle France and the real trip could begin.

Yours truly had a quieter day.  I had been thinking that my first night alone would involve bath, pyjamas, Corrie and bed, but my lovely friend at Binland, Mrs S, had other plans.

'Want to come to the cinema with us?'  

Well of course I did. What wasn't there to like about a trip to the cinema on a Friday night.  Disaster film, Gerard Butler, mint choc chip ice cream, Andy Garcia, and that advert with the fit bloke dancing (a personal favourite at the moment).

We went to see Geostorm.  An end of the world movie, with Gerard Butler saving the day with a couple of nanoseconds to spare.  Throughout the film, with everything he had to do, I don't think he even broke into a sweat.  I can't even do a roast dinner without having to have a sit down between the potatoes and the Yorkshire puddings, let alone directing myself towards a satellite 250 miles above earth using a jet pack. I suppose we can't all be superheroes, but I bet his Yorkshire puddings are flat...

So the week is yawning out in front of me without Mr Bird.  I have lots of things planned, most of which seem to involve me cooking for various people, but it will be a good chance to catch up with lovely friends and family.  

It's a bit like a Mini Break for One....